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Financial development for children and adolescents

Financial development for children and adolescents

Ayria Economic Research and Development Institute exclusive project for the first time in Iran (National and Transnational Project)

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We are a team composed of economic experts, financial behavior experts, and also child psychologists who lay the foundation for growth, management skills, investment, production, sales, and setting up a business for your children.

Here in Ecoayria, we take creative and inspired children into partnership and assist them to foster, improve and modificate their idea of a product or service.
Subsequently, not only they can own a business and make an income, but also, they are educated and they can make use of it whole lifetime.

Because children are overflowed with creativity and new ideas. Furthermore, we try to meet their needs with their own solutions and teach them that investment is a simple story.

We believe in experiential learning, especially in the field of management and economics.
Accordingly, all required skills will be thought to your children while setting up their business

Check our website and fill out the enrollment form. Then we will contact you.

We are by your side every step of this journey

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