Economically active children and adolescents institute

In our academy through the agency of Our experts in financial behavior and psychology and based on scientific methods a business plan will be prepared for your children and adolescents’ business And we will be by your side every step of this journey.

business markets were set up to preserve the survival of human life in any country and society.

From the most primitive tribes to the most advanced societies, have carried out various activities to meet their needs by using environmental resources.

Several factors have been influential in determining the age of entry and employment of people in business markets, including wars; natural geography; Religious, political, educational, and cultural system and

Children and adolescents have always been an important part of providing human resources for various economic units, especially in agriculture, production, and industries.

questions that arise here are:

1-a professional job can be harmful to children and adolescents?

2- Is it necessary for children and teenagers to select conditional jobs so that they can be allowed to work and enter the business market?

3- What is the most appropriate age to enter the business market for children and adolescents?

4- What are the most important educational goals related to fostering economic thinking and activity in business markets for children and adolescents?

We, at Ecoayria, are trying to respond to these questions from a new perspective with a research-oriented approach including field research and resource studies.

And we have divided children into two parts:

1. 7-13 years
2. 14-18 years

Because we believe in the necessity and importance of the concept of employment in general and also business, economic activity, property, and its management and Cultivating economic thinking.
This plan has begun in may 2021 accompanied by a group of teenagers between the age of 11 to 15 years who are currently working in fields such as digital marketing, art, and production activities along with their studies and under the direct supervision of their parents, and in this way they have been able to make a profit.

We organized a research team in psychology and economics that will train children by using scientific principles and rules.
These effective methods will help them to be familiar with different concepts such as finance, management and economic thinking.

At the end of the course, we will evaluate the effectiveness of the educational content and services by conducting tests, and we will also provide reliable answers to the questions raised in the previous few lines by presenting evidence and models.
We hope to move up in the world.

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