The psychological approach of the Department of Ecoayria:
•Cultivating social intelligence and personal development by gaining skills and experience in the field of business.
•Examination of individual characteristics: (interests – talent – personality type).
•Raising parents’ awareness and knowledge to create value-added with the view of “our children are the most important spiritual assets of the family and society”.
•Teaching the principles and concepts of business fields in accordance with the development goal (cognitive and learning abilities) and the goal of personal development, including: (self-management – independent thinking – learning participation and cooperation) for children and adolescents (9 to 18 years old).
Holding educational courses and workshops for parents in the field of child and adolescent business psychology.

Our education path (development of child and adolescent business culture with parents’ participation)
Child: (9 to 13 years old)
The first stage – assessment
(Individual interview-interview with parents) by psychological experts of the institute.

The second stage – education: includes familiarization with professions and occupations and creating opportunities to gain experience.
(see, learn, experience)

The third stage – teaching the basic financial concepts-first level

(The concept of money-property-property management).

Teenager: (13 to 18 years old)

First step – assessment: using relevant tools.

Second stage – training advanced financial concepts- second level

(property – property management – investment).

Goal: skill training based on interests – talent – individual abilities and environmental facilities

(learn – act).


Teaching financial and cultural concepts of business in simple language to parents for effective communication in this area with children.

Interviewing and arranging psychological counseling sessions for parents (if necessary).

Partnership path with ECOAYRIA Institute

This path can be done for those applicants who, received accept certificate from the institution, while going through the legal procedures and obtaining the parents’ consent, in case of cooperation with the institution in a certain area of ​​business, investment and partnership with them.