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Ayria economic research and development institute has established in 2019 as a non-commercial
organization to define and promote social goals and a development-oriented and concentrating
approach to achieve financial and communicational growth among families.
It also merged with the bourse stage on its development path.
To build and continue an educational path A valid and authorized academy is extremely needed.
Hopefully the technical and vocational organization “forsat-e-emrooz” has joined us in 2021 to manifest
the word “simple” comprehensively.
Here in Ecoayria We identificate, trait, and lead your talented and enthusiastic children Relying on the
word simple because our motto is:
“Investing is a simple story if you know who you are and what you want”
And we will be by your side every step of this journey.

Ecoayria Team

Anis Aghilinezhad

Executive Project Director

Zeynab Zare 

Digital Marketing Manager 

Maryam Mohammadali

Director of financial psychology

Rosa Firozi

Behavioural Finance Consulting

Pedram Maghdori

Lecturer Financial markets

Alireza Naserzare

Web developer and security manager

Niko Jedi Hosseini

International Relations Specialist

Amirali Ghorbani

Content Production Expert

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